Tim Tracey

  • Tim Tracey Director Architecture Chicago SmithGroup
  • Chicago, IL
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It was Chicago's iconic skyline that captivated Tim in high school and led him to a career in architecture. "One visit and I was seduced," he says. Today, Tim lives out his dream as the Midwest Region Director, where the profession still captivates him. "I love the process of architecture—the investigation of ideas," he remarks. "I like that it starts with an idea that gets refined and enhanced by a lot of talented, committed people, until the idea ultimately manifests itself into a building." As the Midwest Regional Director, his passion for both design and team-building is readily apparent in every conversation. His communication skills have been the foundation for his success; a consummate collaborator, he listens carefully to both clients and staff to understand needs and supports the goals of all. He also listens to a lot of music. Tim is a big fan of Eddie Van Halen and can hold his own as a guitarist, playing "mostly '80s hair band rock-n-roll," of course.