David Fersh

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  • David Fersh Washington DC

David has little patience for doing things as they’ve always been done. “It’s a pet peeve of mine,” he admits, preferring to choose and sometimes merge the best of traditional techniques and modern technology. It explains why he appreciates cookbooks like The Food Lab, why he once designed and CNC-milled wooden cases for the iPhone, and why he made the transition from architect to technology specialist. “I always found great joy in discovering new tools to improve design and efficiency, and realized there was an opportunity to broaden my impact on the firm’s work,” he explains. As new technology is created, David notes, it’s not necessarily intended for the design world. “We must look at tools beyond their intended use and think creatively about how they can improve our design process and workflows.” One can only imagine the impact of those tools in the hands of visionaries like the Wright Brothers, whom David finds fascinating. “They took on a problem that seemed nearly impossible and, without any formal training or funding, solved it through observation and fearless experimentation.”