Hospitality & Resorts

Once just a place to sleep when traveling, hotels have become full-service experiences not only for travelers, but also for locals. Reception areas and lobby bars have become public spaces to lounge, work, and play. Rooftop gardens, children’s play areas, spas, and fitness areas can help attract customers. With the rise of disruptors such as AirBnB, room profit margins are shrinking forcing hoteliers to seek revenue from various sources – group events and weddings, co-working spaces, additional food and beverage offerings, retail, etc. But hoteliers cannot let these spaces distract them from their primary goal—providing a positive experience for their guests. Every touchpoint, interaction and space must serve the guest. Period. 

The Wharf Washington DC SmithGroup Mixed-Use Hospitality Architecture

Southwest Waterfront Hotels at The Wharf

Blurring the boundaries between live, work and play is increasingly at the center of a fully engaging hospitality experience. With a multidisciplinary team of strategists, architects, interior designers, urban planners, landscape architects, and site engineers - all under the SmithGroup umbrella - we do more than plan and design individual sites and buildings. We look holistically at a development’s linkages to its surrounding community, larger social and economic systems, and other influencers. Then we bring locality and brand loyalty to every detail—building orientation, architectural style, finishes, furniture selection, and sustainable engineering solutions. By blending these varied skills, we create new energy and new opportunities to set your property apart.

From transforming a lobby into a multi-purpose space, to creating a world-class destination resort, we have the experts to enhance your brand and create a personalized experience for every guest.